Thursday, 9 May 2013

CONTOH SOAL degree of comparison

1. This bouquet is arranged  (invitingly)... than that one (more invitingly).
2. I feel much (well)... now that I ‘v rested .(better).
3. Vancouver is ..... (interesting) of all the Canadian cities we visited.  ( the most interesting).
4. Of all these lines , which do you think if... (straight)?  The most nearly straight.
5. It’s quite late, indeed It is probably ... (late) that you realize. (later.
6. Do you think Bess wrote ... (some) letters than Herry did? (more).
7. I think this string is.... (long) that one. (longer).
8.  Princess was the .... (meek) of all the kitten so ins the litter. (meekest).
9. She was also the ....( cuddly) of all of them. ( most cuddly).
10. Your TV picture seems.... (clear) mine. (clearer than).

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